Here We Go!

This is it, my friends.  No more procrastination.  Moving forward, sometimes in great strides, sometimes with baby steps, but forward.  I have always written.  Written poems, stories, in diaries, letters, little notes here and there, but now I’m going to put it out there, for all the world to see, if they so choose.  And I’m hoping that they do.  Join me on this journey and I can promise you that at some point I will make you laugh, make you say “ooooo, I thought that I was the only person that ever happened to”, make you think, make you think that I am crazy, make you feel like family, or maybe make you take the first step towards that little idea that’s always been in the back of your mind. 

My intention, for now, is to just write about life.  Life’s happenings, life changes.  Things that maybe we don’t often say out loud, but really wished that someone would speak up about.  Most of my life experiences revolve around my family, more specifically, my children.  And I think that I have a few tales to weave.  Stay tuned….




What do you think?